Doctors & health care

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Whether you are a doctor in your own practice or you work as an independent contractor for hospitals, we are delighted to assist you in dealing with your ongoing tax obligations. Our advice is particularly relevant at the beginning or end of your professional activity. Our responsibilities include for instance transferring a practice whether with or without contracts with compulsory health insurance companies, planning and finance, as well as the structuring of pensions and life annuity insurance. Consultation concerning the amalgamation of doctors in the form of group or joint practices is also becoming increasingly important.
Out-patient clinics and private hospitals are also amongst our clients, whom we assist as consultants and in M&A processes. Institutions for older and disabled persons round off the range of our consultancy services in the health care field. Charitable establishments and their special tax rules, also play a significant role in this.

In summary, our services in health care encompass:

  • Payroll accounting, book-keeping and the preparation of year-end accounts and tax returns for doctors
  • Investment consultancy including financing
  • Budgeting and routine profit and loss controlling
  • Consultancy on practice transfer and purchase
  • Consultancy on the founding of group and joint practices
  • M&A consultancy, in particular due diligence on the purchase of health facilities
  • Special features of charitable institutions