Public and Non-profit Sectors

A qualified consultant for a special environment.
We are familiar with the special issues and legal framework conditions for public and non-profit organisations. We have built up a reputation as a partner for corporate bodies under public law, local authority rolled-out companies and charitable associations and societies. Therefore, we fully understand the needs of charitable organisations for routine reports to be prepared, for tax advice, for voluntary and statutory audits, for audits under the law of associations and audits under special law. Our experienced team assist non-profit organisations in mastering the demands of the future, to make good commercial use of limited means, to deliver excellence of services and to apply transparent management. Thus, we also offer qualified advice on internal control systems, as regards the Public Corporate Governance Codex and in budgeting.

CONTAX services in the public sector at a glance:

  • Budgeting 
  • Reporting
  • Tax advice 
  • Advice on internal control systems
  • Voluntary and statutory audits 
  • Audits under the law of associations
  • Consultancy relating to the Public Corporate Governance Codex
  • Audits under special law - audits in accordance with the Political Parties Act
  • Audit of tax deductibility of donations