A dependable adviser by your side.
Trading companies are constantly confronted with the challenge of changing markets, new customer requirements and new competitors. Flexibility and creativity are the relevant factors for success in this field. Advising companies in the wholesale and retail trade has taught us that a flexible, creative partner is essential if you are to reach corporate targets. Together with these characteristics, we are also an adviser you can rely on to support you in your legal and taxation environment, so that you can concentrate on your core qualifications. Our range of experience and competence is at your disposal for founding a company or a subsidiary, for book-keeping and cost accounting, for payroll accounting services, labour law issues and for statutory audits and IFRS audits. We are also delighted to undertake reporting for companies active on the international market.

CONTAX services for trade at a glance:

  • Consultancy when founding companies and subsidiaries
  • Book-keeping and cost accounting
  • Payroll accounting services 
  • Contact for labour law issues
  • Reporting for companies active on the international market
  • Statutory audits and IFRS audits