Reliable, up-to-date information for your company.
The book-keeping we do for you, provides you with meaningful and informative data to use as the basis for your business decisions. You deal directly with your contact partner who gives you the facts at a glance. In this way you form a rapid, clear picture of the earnings position and liquidity development. Our range of services is completed by the preparation of Value Added Tax advance tax returns and individual, meaningful and informative cost accounting. Should you wish to do your own book-keeping, the CONTAX team guides you both in technical matters, with flexible opportunities to connect to the interface on our office software and advises you personally in discussions.

Based on the current books we prepare the annual statement of accounts. In doing so, we take into consideration all the provisions of company and tax law. We discuss your commercial success with you and explain ways to enhance it in the future.

An overview of the CONTAX accounting service:

  • Routine book-keeping
  • Regular analysis of the profit and loss account 
  • Cost accounting
  • Dunning processing 
  • Annual and interim financial statements
  • Preparation of group reporting packages 
  • Income and expenditure account 
  • Accounting advice