Financial management

Experience, which maximises project success
For more than 25 years, we have been administering trans-national projects in various European Union funding programmes: Interreg IIIB CADSES, South East Europe Programme, Central Europe Programme, and Cross-border Cooperation Programmes.
The compilation, consolidation and reporting of expenditure are the central tasks of financial management. In this area we employ our wide range of expertise in accounting. Our project partners can concentrate completely and absolutely on the operational part of the project work, for our competent support in the administrative area releases them to implement the project successfully. In order to continue to achieve more efficiency in our services, we work with partners, competent in project management.

Our range of skills and expertise encompasses the following activities:

  • Budgeting for project submission
  • Preparation of national partner reports
  • Monitoring expenditure with a controlling system
  • Assistance to the project partners on accounting issues 
  • Preparation of transnational financial reports
  • Preparation of current applications for reimbursement
  • Participation in steering committees
  • Assistance in audits