Payroll Accounting Services

Timely, accurate accounting for your workforce.
It goes without saying that we undertake the timely processing of your payroll and the accounting for it. Moreover, CONTAX professionals advise you in detail on: holidays, working hours, maternity leave and parental part-time work, termination of employment, severance pay, travel costs, atypical employment relationships, and the specifics of collective bargaining agreements. As your competent partner, we assist you in all issues concerning labour, social security and tax law. Therefore, our experienced professionals assist you with process improvement in payroll accounting, communication with tax authorities, processing of tax audits, drafting of contracts, grading of employment, executive compensation planning, staff schedules and many other issues.

Our services in summary:

  • Calculation of net settlements and dues
  • Preparation of notifications to tax and social security authorities
  • Calculation of severance payments
  • Advice on all issues of labour, social security and tax law 
  • Assistance with regard to cross-border employment of staff 
  • Processing of audits of salary-related contributions and taxes (GPLA)
  • Calculation of staff-related provisions 
  • Payroll accounting audits