International cooperation

Trade with us across borders through our international cooperation
CONTAX is a member of GGI Geneva Group International (GGI), a leading worldwide international association of strong, independent partners. GGI Geneva Group International is one of the top 10 global multi-disciplinary international accounting cooperations comprising the following sectors:
  • Legal advice,
  • Public accounting and auditing,
  • Tax consultancy,
  • Corporate finance,
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Management consultancy and 
  • Asset structuring and succession planning
More than 700 locations throughout the world guarantee direct contact with professional firms in the relevant national market. Use our international connections to expand your business and your contacts abroad. We will assist you all along the way. You can find more on our international cooperation on

Your contacts:
Othmar Eberhart
Werner Prenner

The members of GGI Geneva Group International (GGI) are commercially and organisationally independent of each other and in this respect do not act within the meaning of network in § 271 b Austrian Business Code.

GGI – your gateway to the global marketplace

As members of GGI, one of the top ten international accounting, consulting and law firm alliances, we are able to deliver the best possible advice on a global scale. Through GGI we have access to experts around the world who are able to give advice on local regulations, compliance and go-to-market strategies.
GGI's bread international presence opens up a gateway to the global marketplace for both us and our clients. Through our GGI membership we have access to high quality firms in nearly every major financial and commercial centre worldwide. This remarkable facility applies whether you are looking for business opportunities beyond national boundaries, or need international support in addition to services in your home market.
We are here to help and support your success wherever your business takes you.
For more information, visit GGI ( online.
About GGI - disclaimer

GGI Geneva Group International (GGI) is a worldwide association of independent professional societies. GGI Geneva Group International AG, a company founded in accordance with Swiss law, acts solely as the administrative unit of the association and therefore provides no legal services, audit services or any other professional services of any kind whatsoever to third parties. Services of this kind are provided solely by the GGI member societies in their respective geographical territories. GGI and its membership are legally independent of one another and are independent legal units. These units are not to be regarded as being in conjunction with a holding company, nor should they be seen as subsidiary companies or as partners or joint ventures, as representatives or as a network. No member of GGI has any power of representation or right whatsoever (de facto, apparent authority, tacitly granted authority or authority of any other kind) to bind or to oblige GGI or any other GGI member in any way whatsoever. Nor has GGI the right or the power of representation to bind or to oblige any member society whatsoever. All GGI members are independent firms. As such they provide their services entirely independently (including opportunities and risks) and on their own account, without implicating GGI and/or member societies.